#26 Finland’s Quest for a Nationalist Solution

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Torn between their turbulent past and a restless present, the Finnish nation finds itself amidst globalist efforts to turn Finland into yet another multicultural society in Europe. However, on the path of finding solutions to these ever-present problems are the nationalists of Finland. Joining the Undertow podcast host and ETN vice-chairman, Ivan Bilokapic (Croatia), is Finnish political activist, Monokulttuuri FM host and public speaker Tuukka Kuru. Kuru is also the organiser of several conferences and seminars held under the title of Awakening. Kuru dives deep into the current socio-political problems affecting Finland, and offers us a glance into the various economic, political and social transformations that have been taking place in Finland, which are slowly, but surely, having a significant effect on the ongoing transformation of the Finnish identity, which has been taking place for the last 30 years in the country. The Nordic country of approximately 5 million inhabitants is by no means spared the ongoing Cultural-Marxist experiments of modern left-wing/liberal mainstream politics and the European Union. With their country experiencing ever-increasing problems on a large scale – such as rampant urbanisation, immigration, demographic challenges and ever-louder revolts from non-European migrants – Finnish nationalists far and wide across the country are searching for solutions. Are they en route towards the right path to finding the answers to their questions? Tune in to find out!

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