Dan Eriksson guest on Fullmoon Ancestry podcast

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Last week we had the honour to join Fullmoon Ancestry for a fascinating talk about the work what we do. Fullmoon Ancestry is among many things a regular contributor to Counter-Currents and is now also a member of Europa Terra Nostra. Please follow and support his important work for our cause. -- JOIN US! We stand for OUR Europe! THE Europe, whose people have been here since the last Ice Age. In parts of southern Europe, since during and even before the last Ice Age. We are the indigenous peoples here! The real, original Europeans, heirs to a great culture that stretches from ancient cave paintings through the wonderful reminders of our prehistory, Greece, Rome, the High Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution. We Europeans made the modern world, and our inventive genius, technology and ideals spread civilisation, freedom, the rule of law and human dignity around the world. THIS is our Europe. The Europe of a hundred flags. White Europe, for there can be no other. But today, this priceless heritage faces a convergence of catastrophes, encouraged by those who envy and hate us, and who wish to dispossess and destroy us. To resist them, to secure a future for our children, the nationalists of Europe must work together. Stand together. And fight together. Europa Terra Nostra is here to build practical co-operation, to inspire, educate and organise the coming revolution that will save our Europe. Join us!

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