Europa Terra Nostra Vice-Chairman Ivan Bilokapic Featured on Full Moon Ancestry Podcast

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Following the appearance of Europa Terra Nostra Chairman Dan Eriksson on the Full Moon Ancestry podcast – where he promoted both Europa Terra Nostra and Det Fria Sverige – ETN Vice-Chairman Ivan Bilokapic was also invited to join the podcast as a guest. In an engaging and personal talk with Full Moon Ancestry, Bilokapic reflected on his personal life and childhood while growing up amidst the Croatian War of Independence, which lasted from 1991 to 1995. Bilokapic also explained how a new generation of Croatian nationalists are struggling to find a new path for themselves, in order to lay down the foundations for Croatian nationalism in the 21st century. Bilokapic was also very vocal and critical of the old right in both Croatia and Serbia. He expressed the opinion that dwelling on failed ideologies – and giving in to what he described as slavery of the past – damages and cripples nationalist movements in both countries, and deepens resentment between Croats and Serbs, both of whom continue to be plagued by revanchism, hatred and mistrust between each other, following a tense and bloody 20th century between the two nations. Bilokapic placed emphasis on the emergence of new ideas, co-operation, networking and mutual dialogue – which would hopefully lead to the shedding of the weight of the past – and the significant role that Europa Terra Nostra is set to play in the future of said activities and movements. Aside from politics and personal reflections, Bilokapic also talked about Croatian literature, history and the legacy of the former Dubrovnik Republic, as well as its importance towards the development of the Croatian national identity in the 19th century. Europa Terra Nostra is here to build practical co-operation, to inspire, educate and organise the coming revolution that will save our Europe. Join us!

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