PODCAST #29 Fullmoon Ancestry guest at ETN Podcast UNDERTOW

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As the weather changes, and the days become gloomy and rainy, it’s an ideal time to kick back, sit down and relax. That is precisely what Europa Terra Nostra podcast host Ivan Bilokapic and Fullmoon Ancestry did. ETN Chairman Dan Eriksson and Ivan Bilokapic had the pleasure of being guests on the Fullmoon Ancestry podcast, where they presented the ideas and visions of Europa Terra Nostra. The podcast session made for a highly interesting listen, and, in turn, the dissident, wanderer, blogger and lover of Europe that is Fullmoon Ancestry accepted an invitation to feature as a guest himself on ETN’s own official podcast, Undertow. Join and Support Europa Terra Nostra, the Network Centre for European Nationalism! Tune in and find out more!

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